Thank You Moms For Being There For Us!

This weekend we celebrate Mother’s Day. Our mothers are responsible for so much in our lives and can be the backbone of a family. I was blessed to have both of my parents growing up and I know that is not the case for everyone but today let us celebrate our moms or the women that helped raise and guide us.

My mom instilled upon me many great values that helped me in my youth and helped shape who I have become as a man and professional baseball player. She always had a meal ready for our family and our house was always in order and clean. My sisters and I always had tasks to do to help around the house. I may have complained about these responsibilities as a child, but I know they have helped me in my adult life when I was in college and even now.

Having someone in your life to discuss major decisions or tough choices is a game changer.

Taking care of these responsibilities has helped me be responsible for my home but more importantly my career. There are always certain tasks that need done in life and it’s important to make them a priority and get them done! There are so many ups and downs in life and my mom has been someone I can talk through those situations with and get her opinion on. Having someone in your life to discuss major decisions or tough choices is a game changer. These subjects can range from school, to girlfriends, problems in your sport, how to make a certain dinner, and the list goes on. Thank you, mom, for always being there to talk through difficult circumstances.

The time commitment for a young athlete has really grown over the years. It seems all the travel teams are playing more and more games. The showcase circuit has become more diluted with more and more options. This requires families to travel many times a week or sometimes daily getting them to practices, lessons, and games. Thank you for driving and going to all the practices and tournaments mom! Let us not forget the laundry! I know I did not think I played a good game unless I had a dirty uniform. It was essential for me to dive after something. That always left a nice dirt or grass stain for my mom to somehow always get out. Even with that crazy schedule and all those tasks at home we almost always had a delicious hot meal at home.

A Special Thank You to Care Givers on the Road

Another type of mom that I will mention is from the host families I have been immensely blessed by in my career. As a young minor league baseball player, I was granted the choice to stay with a host family. These families open their homes to baseball players in the summer months during our season. They support us in many ways including a comfortable place to sleep, feeding us, and doing laundry. This list also goes on, but I am forever thankful to all the families and host moms that opened their homes to me during my career.

I am not dismissing the help and sacrifice of my father or even my sisters in this post but today is about our moms! Thank you, mom, for raising me, showing me how to keep home, treat others with love, appreciate nature, and the countless other things that I could list. I have also been blessed by my wife’s family and I want to wish a happy Mother’s Day to her mom as well!  I love you and happy Mother’s Day to you and all the mothers out there!


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