NPS Frequently Asked Questions

Narrow Path Sports are a group of dedicated athletes willing to follow the Narrow Path in their pitching training and life.

We are the most complete pitching and hitting training program in the Ohio Indiana Kentucky Tri-state area. We are people of all abilities. We are athletes who are trying this for the first time and we are athletes who win tournaments. We are a TEAM who support each other from top to bottom. When you are ready to TRAIN there is only one choice! We are here to provide structure, encouragement, guidance and motivation with everything you will need and more. By offering fully supported workouts led by JJ Hoover and a team of head coaches and hitting coaches, we will get you through every aspect of your training.

You want a plan. Improved performance and conditioning result from specific workouts with guidance on intensity so that you’re putting in the right kind of effort at the right times. Our training plan is intentionally structured as a strategic progression of objective-driven workouts designed by a coaching team who are experienced professional players. Our team is led by certified coaches and supported by experts in injury prevention, form, strength and conditioning and physical therapy.

Our training program is the ONLY program in the area with a built-in team of experts in the field of injury prevention, injury rehab, nutrition, muscle recovery, and strength training to support our athletes. Our specialists know what it takes to keep you strong and healthy. You will get the benefit of our team’s expert knowledge along with local resources to improve your training and reduce your risk of injury.  

We offer services for athletes who want to become stronger, more efficient athletes. Through our program you can take a more effective, customized, and holistic approach to your training, to build a program that works for YOU!

12-week comprehensive training program

Fully supported in-person training sessions

Access to conditioning, injury prevention, and performance content.

Weekly emails, updates, and exclusive member access

Participants in our program will have the option to choose from Narrow Path Sports gear.

Narrow Path Sports membership is open to athletes of all ages and experience, whether you are looking to perfect your pitching strategy just wanting to win more games. We welcome athletes of all experience and abilities. We are looking for athletes with the drive and desire to realize their full potential and dedicate themselves to a group striving to do the same. 

Narrow Path Sports begins a 12-week training season in September and January of each year.

  1. Your application will answer some important questions about you, your goals, previous and training experience and more.
  2. Your application will be reviewed to evaluate what training schedule is a fit for you.
  3. We will collect baseline performance data to customize your individualized plan.

Due to the individualized nature of Narrow Path Sports, only a limited number of athletes will be accepted. 

We do not define performance standards for athletes applying to join Narrow Path Sports.

We seek athletes wanting to bring their performance to the next level through an individualized training program alongside team members working to do the same.

Once accepted, athletes in good standings may remain a part of Narrow Path Sports and will not be required to reapply each season.​

Narrow Path Sports is an individualized baseball pitching and hitting training program offered at a cost of $150.00 per month. 

  1. Members will receive individualized training programs each month that align with the athlete’s team practice schedule and the athlete’s goals.
  2. Each week, the athlete will attend practices.  Some of these practices will be exclusive to  members (i.e.; Wednesday and Friday). Other practices will occur with or alongside the Narrow Path group (i.e.; Tuesday and Saturday).
  3. All  athletes will have individualized workout targets and goals and the structure will align with teammates to foster an environment of dedication and perseverance. 
  4. Regular check-ins and direct messaging with coaches will be available to address any questions, concerns, modifications to your training plan or just to get some additional motivation.

Absolutely! Even the best of athletes need ongoing guidance and support. Being objective about one’s own training and performance can be extremely challenging. Everyone can benefit from having a trained set of eyes to help with focus, planning and strategy.