Tap Plyo Balls Set of 6


TAP Max-Grip sand-filled weighted balls have a non-slip matte finish surface that gives extra grip unlike other pliable (plyo) weighted balls available today. Made especially for Oates Specialties, the exterior of these proprietary balls are made of heavy-duty engineered resins creating a surface that’s smooth enough to facilitate handling and slip-resistant to provide a safety-enhancing grip. The thermoplastic shell casing is burst-resistant, making these durable weighted plyo-balls ideal for all training needs, particularly throwing and batting. Intended to address the needs of amateurs and professionals alike, the Max-Grip weighted balls are designed to last while being easily cleaned to meet the hygienic needs required in today’s athletic community.

  • Textured grip to provide a better feel
  • Easily cleaned and sanitized
  • Extremely Durable – One Year Limited Warranty
  • Provides under load/overload training
  • Excellent training tools for movement pattern development
  • Sport type: Baseball/Softball

Tap Plyo Balls Set of 6


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